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This is me.

I'm a Creative Artist, Flame Compositor & VFX Supervisor. 

With 25 years Commercial, Broadcast & Film VFX experience I have a breadth of knowledge of the post production industry. Starting my experience within a big Ad Agency (DDB), then moving to Asia, London, Europe and back to Australia where we built a large compositing department at FSM, probably the longest running post house in Sydney.

I've spent more than 20 years running Autodesk Flame as a Senior Compositor. More time than that using the Adobe Suite of products, photoshop, illustrator, premiere. Plus many years working on & more often supervising Nuke.

I'm comfortable in pre-production and on-set collaborating with directors and producers to achieve impossible effects on screen and offering solutions to match both expectations and budgets.

My skills range from seamless live action compositing, full CGI comps, matte painting, beauty work, motion graphics and broadcast design, all the way to punchy retail spots.

More recently I've been involved in exploring the opportunities in VR, creating material both CGI and live action using Nuke & Cara VR.


I hold UK & Australian passports and I'm not keen on long pants.

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